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Investment Immigration to NZ

  Latest Immigration Policies in Investor and Entrepreneur Category

Min. points                             120

Min. settlement funds           Enough to support self

Min. English language          IELTS 4

Max. age                                 None

Business experience               relevant and sufficient to business plan

Min. time in NZ                     enough to support business

Length of time to residence  24 months [for fast track, 6 months - conditional residence visa]




l  New definition for ‘creating employment’: to employ locals other than creating jobs for family members or temporary visa holders.

l  Principal Investor applicants with IELTS 3 must complete additional English language tuition (20 hours), as part of their residence conditions.

l  IELTS – scale for measuring English language ability, graded in bands 1 (non-user) – 9 (expert)

IELTS 5 – copes with overall meaning in most situations.

IELTS 4 – basic competence limited to familiar situations.

IELTS 3 – conveys and understands general meaning in familiar situations.